The notion of user experience, first introduced by Donald Norman, professor in cognitive science at the University of California San Diego in the 1990s, has become essential in our digital and omnichannel environment. Amazon would have increased sales by $300 million by replacing a "Save" button with a "Continue" button. Airbnb owes its success in large part to its mastery of UX, thanks to a significant investment in UX research. Although there are still significant disparities between sectors and types of structures, companies are well aware of the strategic impact of UX and product management on sales and customer loyalty, and are increasingly integrating the subject in their online performance optimization strategy and recruitment plans. The job market is therefore particularly competitive for expertise linked to UX and Product management, but also more broadly, for the skills linked to project management. As a result, wages are going up! Check out the salaries of key UX, product management and project management positions in 2024 here!