Are you searching for an interim manager or a freelance digital expert suitable for your project? Reemind assists you in finding the right one! There are numerous use cases, and even more diverse profiles!

Are you building a team or restructuring your digital
e-commerce / product management / data / marketing / CRM activities?
Do you want to transform your organization but need an expert perspective to streamline it?

Do you need guidance in crafting a digital roadmap and in project delivery?
Do you have a departure in your team and an urgent need to fill a tech/data/digital skill gap?

Are you looking to expand your digital team with an experienced profile but don’t yet have the budget for a full-time permanent hire?
Are you looking to develop
new digital or tech products?

Do you have ambitious goals
to achieve in record time?
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Depending on your context and specific needs, Reemind, a headhunting firm specialized in digital management, offers its extensive network of managers and freelance experts: CEOs, COOs, CROs, e-commerce Directors, Heads of Data, Data Scientists, CPOs, Product Managers, Product Owners, UX/UI Managers, CMOs, Marketing Directors, CRM Managers, Acquisition Managers, Social Media Managers, CTOs, CIOs, CTOs… to help you achieve your growth objectives through high-value-added missions in the scope of interim management or freelance services


Reemind, une approche sur mesure

Our expert network in digital, tech & transformation

We provide you access to a pre-qualified pool of seasoned managers, quickly deployable, capable of leading a team with a strategic vision or more operationally focused, experts in data, UX/UI, CX, e-commerce, product management, tech, IT, digital marketing, as well as within broader transformational contexts (large corporations, mid-sized companies, SMEs…) and/or hyper-growth scenarios (scaleups/startups): HR Directors, CFOs, COOs…

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Our expert advisory approach with added value

We exclusively operate within the realms of digital and tech, cultivating an operational culture and an in-depth understanding of digital professions and expertise.

Expert guidance for your project: defining mission objectives within its context, identifying and prioritizing key skills for the profile, selecting and presenting profiles that align with various mission hypotheses.



Fluid, results-driven processes

Proven hunting techniques (targeting, sourcing, recommendations) for acquiring rare or scarce skills.

Precise evaluation tools for hard and soft skills to identify profiles suitable for your project and context.

Well-defined stages, a responsive and attentive team, strong commitment to timing: in less than 2 weeks, you’ll find the expert manager of your dreams!


Turnkey support

Once the objectives and timeline are set, missions typically unfold in three phases: diagnosis, implementation, and knowledge transfer to existing teams, with continuous support from the consultancy throughout the mission.

Simplified and customized management: Reemind handles all administrative and contractual procedures for the interim manager or freelance professional.