Would you like to know more about Reemind and our approach? Find here our responses to your most frequently asked questions!

How do I get in touch with Reemind? How do I join the Reemind network?

Please have a look at the offers on our website and do not hesitate to apply if you believe you have the skills and the experience for the position. All applications are thoroughly analyzed, and you will be contacted by a consultant within two weeks if your application matches what we are looking for.
You may also submit a general application. If your profile matches any of our usual recruitment projects or the projects we expect to have soon, we will add your CV to our application base and contact you when the time comes.
The job offers are processed quickly, and we always have some new recruitment project to work on.

How do I contact a recruitment consultant?

There are two possible ways:
1/ You are interested in a particular offer:
Apply online and upload your CV, the consultant in charge will contact you in about two weeks if he or she believes your profile corresponds well to the priorities of the client.
You will then be contacted by phone, and the outcome of the call will determine if you are invited to interview. As soon as you begin a recruitment project, you will have a designated contact person throughout the entire process.
Find all of our offers here.

2/ You have not found a job offer that interests you, but you wish to develop your career:
In this case, send us your CV as a general application. All the applications we receive are reviewed. We will integrate your CV into our network and contact you if we have a position that matches your profile.
If you have contacted one of our consultants in the past, you may contact them to let them know you are currently looking for a job.

What kinds of job postings do you work with?

Reemind works with positions related to executive and digital professions for clients of large companies, SMEs, scale-ups and start-ups:
– Top management specific to digital
– Digital transformation: management of organizational projects and programs, evolution of methodologies and change management
– E-commerce and omnichannel transformation
– Digital marketing, client and customer acquisition, brand management, social media
– Client knowledge, data, customer relationship management, customer loyalty
– Customer experience optimization, innovation, launch of new services, product management, digital project management
– Business development and sales functions in the context of newly developed technological solutions

Why is Reemind qualified to recruit in the digital sector?

Our consultants have mostly served in digital operational functions before joining Reemind, or they have recruited digital experts in the past.
Because we had worked with the profiles we recruit, we have a deep knowledge of their tasks and responsibilities. This is what allows us to better understand and evaluate them today.
We draw from a sharp expertise of digital professions and ecosystems, with a continued anticipation and growing understanding of their evolution.
This expertise is a common thread in our approach and a determining factor in the recruitment of our teams: experts serving experts.

What is the candidate process like? What support is offered?

If we introduce you to our client, it is because we believe in you. Our goal is to help you go as far as possible in the recruitment process.
Our consultants will give you all the details to best understand the context and the challenges of the position, and they will be able to advise you on how to utilize your strengths to respond to the challenges of the job posting. You will benefit from our expertise and tools which allow you to be perfectly prepared, especially so you can perform your best on the interview.
As soon as you begin the recruitment process, our consultants will be responsible for coaching you and providing personalized support throughout the various selection stages. You will be informed and debriefed of each client decision concerning you.
We are well aware of the personal investment involved in a recruitment process. As such, the transparency and quality of the feedbacks are precious information that will allow you to move forward, no matter the final outcome.

How do I share my availability or change of my current position?

To update your availability, you can send us an updated version of your CV through the general application system.
If you are already in contact with a consultant, do not hesitate to contact him/her by email so that he/she can update your information.

How do I apply to an offer located abroad or to an offer from abroad?

If you do not live in France but are looking for a job in France, you can apply to our offers or send in your CV via the general application system.
No matter where you reside, your application will be reviewed, and you will be included in the selection process if your profile matches what we are looking for. The interview phase with Reemind can be done remotely, with Skype, Hangout, Facetime or Whatsapp if you are unable to come in person.

Reemind also works on recruitment projects for companies located abroad, and the selection process is the same as the one in France.
In addition, if a job relocation will impact you or your family, we offer additional support in assessing the conditions of the offer and the package offered.
We have a network of quality partners to help you in working abroad.