Here are the answers to questions most frequently asked by our clients.
If you have a recruitment project and your question is not answered below, please contact us by email or phone. We would be happy to provide the details you need.

How does a recruitment project at REEMIND work?

A dedicated consultant will take on your project. We will begin by analyzing your needs in detail: understanding your business model, the context of recruitment, issues related to the job, required hard skills, desired soft skills, composition of the team, etc.
This brief process will allow for a better understanding of the job impact and highlight some important elements of the recruitment which are not always apparent in the job description.
Next, your dedicated consultant will carry out an analysis of the environments and sectors, organizations, and functions with digital skills adapted to the position. This is done using a creative approach.
We will also identify present skills and the ability to develop new competencies. Our goal is to help you transform a replacement or job opening into an opportunity to attract long lasting candidates who can grow alongside your organization.
We guarantee a complete and consistent assessment process, including in-depth interviews with each candidate using behavioral assessment and skill analysis techniques. Our “candidate scan process” allows us to assess the candidate’s aspirations, level of competencies, past experiences, ability to work in your environment, etc.
Our objective is to present you, through a short list of candidates, an array of the possible options for your opening. Our role is to save you time, guiding you to those best suited for the position.
As such, we focus less on volume and more on quality: fewer candidates, but those who will be able to complete the work as expected, adding real value to the company.

What kinds of positions do you work on?

Reemind works with positions related to executive and digital professions for clients of large companies, SMEs, scale-ups and start-ups:
– Top management specific to digital
– Digital transformation: management of organizational projects and programs, evolution of methodologies and change management
– E-commerce and omnichannel transformation
– Digital marketing, client and customer acquisition, brand management, social media
– Client knowledge, data, customer relationship management, customer loyalty
– Customer experience optimization, innovation, launch of new services, product management, digital project management
– Business development and sales functions in the context of newly developed technological solutions

Why is Reemind qualified to recruit in the digital sector?

Our consultants have mostly served in digital operational functions before joining Reemind, or they have recruited digital experts in the past.
Because we had worked with the profiles we recruit, we have a deep knowledge of their tasks and responsibilities. This is what allows us to better understand and evaluate them today.
We draw from a sharp expertise of digital professions and ecosystems, with a continued anticipation and growing understanding of their evolution.
This expertise is a common thread in our approach and a determining factor in the recruitment of our teams: experts serving experts.

How do you identify and attract candidates?

Our 100% “candidate centric” approach allows us to attract the best talents.
All our tools and processes are optimized to attract the profiles most relevant to the position and provide them with the best candidate experience.
As a result, our talent pool is made up of recommended profiles, or candidates to which we have been recommended. This is so that our selection base is consistently filled with the best candidates.
At Reemind, our consultants have previously served in digital operating roles. As such, they remain active in digital communities and maintain close relationships with digital professionals and networks.
This understanding of digital professions and ecosystems, allows our consultants to target, identify and interact with high-level professionals and experts.
Most of the profiles we engage with are passive candidates, they are not found through a general search. Head hunting methods and a strong network are most efficient to establish a direct contact.
We have also developed an expertise using social media to allow us identify and attract candidates based on their skill area.
To round out our talent pool, we explore many new sources and tech solutions to identify the relevant candidates and to make sure we find the competencies and profiles our clients need.

How is a candidate guided, prepared, and followed up with?

We pay special attention to the experience of our candidates during the recruitment process.
The image of the client is greatly impacted by this process and we have the task of being your best ambassador, even beyond our period of collaboration.
We provide personalized support to prospective applicants so that they are prepared for interviews and have the best exchanges with you, our clients.
The keywords of the candidate experience at REEMIND? Caring, listening, support, transparency and follow-up.
We are present throughout the entire recruitment process, with support while starting the new job and beyond. We follow up with the career development of all those in our network.

What is the capacity and scope of your work? Do you work internationally?

Reemind is a recruiting partner capable of serving large firms as well as small companies, start-ups or scale-ups located in France or abroad.
We have the ability and the network to target some of the most specific and high-potential candidates in a wide variety of sectors and roles.
As such, we typically work with experts in the digital realm, ranging from executive roles to upper management positions.
We are able to recruit managers as well as their teams either in one project or a series of successive projects.
Internationally, we rely on our network to recruit for managerial and top executive positions. We work with clients in England, Spain, Italy, and Germany.
All our consultants are fluent in English which enables us to guarantee the best service throughout the recruitment process for international clients.

What are your rates?

Our goal is to offer clients the best talents within an appropriate time frame and at a competitive price.
Our fees correspond to a percentage of the annual salary of the recruited candidate, with a two-part billing system.
Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs!

How long does a recruitment take at Reemind?

There is frequently a shortage of candidates, yet time is often an important factor for our clients. In some cases, clients want to grow their workforce to support rapid growth, or in other cases, clients wish to acquire and develop specific skills.
Whatever the context, time is as important a factor as competence.
Each case is different, and some particularly sought-after expertise may be an exception, but we are generally able to present you some top candidates in two weeks.
The rest of the process will largely depend on your ability to arrange interviews and take decisions.

Do you provide pre-employment tests or certifications?

We have a very structured selection, recruitment, and placement process. We provide our clients with a detailed description of each candidate, as well as a reference check.
For certain roles requiring specialized skills, we can carry out on-demand skill assessments.
We have a network of partners and experts who are able to make technical, specific or HR assessments.

How do you prioritize diversity?

As a close observer of the evolution of professions and skills, we are convinced that diversity creates opportunities and strengthens companies.

REEMIND has established commitments to “ethical recruitment” and ensuring workplace equality by combating all forms of employment discrimination.
Within this framework, we systematically integrate the following practices into our recruitment processes for our clients:
– Neutral selection based on skills, potential, and personal qualities, regardless of age, disability status, educational background, or nationality
– Striving for gender parity as much as possible in the shortlists of candidates
– An obligation of transparency with all candidates
– A commitment to confidentiality and the respect of personal data
– Assisting our clients in minimizing the impact of cognitive biases in the recruitment processes

How do you assist companies in feminizing their leadership?

Committed to advancing and championing female leadership, REEMIND is dedicated to supporting its clients in the empowerment of women within their executive committees and driving gender parity optimization in their data, IT, tech, and innovation teams.

We have developed a “Role Model” program to aid companies seeking to feminize their leadership. It encompasses both guidance on best practices for attracting women to management positions and access to an extensive network of female C-level executives from the tech, data, and innovation sectors.

How do you comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In a time where HR and data privacy present continuous challenges, we are doing all we can to add value to the outsourcing of the recruitment process.
We use a set of systems and tools to collect and process data, all of which are in strict compliance with European law. As such, we only use solutions compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).