As early as 1996, Bill Gates claimed that “content is king” in an essay published on Microsoft’s website. Companies that have been working on their digital transformation for years have gradually become aware of the need to produce quality and value-added content for their prospects, their customers, and more generally their audience. One of the biggest impacts of digitalization has been to transform companies into media which not only communicates to their prospects and customers, but with their prospects and customers. Designing the best way to do this is a strategic challenge for companies today. Certain mechanics and approaches such as SEO have thus become reflexes to this challenge. The creation of high quality and omnichannel brand content adapted to all media has become essential. The demand for more and more specific strategic and technical skills linked to the production, the management and the spread of this content, with the aim of branding, acquiring and/or retaining customers, has increased exponentially in all sectors, including sectors not previously well-versed in content creation. Although supply has grown considerably to meet this demand, certain skills and specialties remain in high demand, especially for senior management positions involving a strategic vision for brands. Salaries in these instances remain fairly high, with an upward trend.
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