Reemind 2021 Work Trends : The Big Shift
Reemind 2021 Work Trends : The Big Shift

Are you ready for #TheBigShift ?

According to the Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index, 40% of the workforce are considering leaving their employer this year, and 46% are planning to move thanks to remote work.

In France, we are seeing a deep change in work culture, with remote work – mostly partial – and flexible organisations becoming the new norm. We see flexibility in hiring profiles with adaptable skills. The pandemic has also boosted entrepreneurial initiatives, as well as candidates’ commitment to have a positive impact in today’s society.

As experts predict #TheGreatResignation, with people drastically shifting their career in the aftermath of the pandemic, we used our recruiter’s eyes to highlight 4 ways in which Covid strongly impacted our candidates’ relationship to their work and the place they allow it to take in their lives.

#TheGreatResignation ? Maybe not, but #Thefutureofwork is definitely flexible, and we need to get ready for #hybridwork !

Published on 21 June 2021