According to Médiamétrie's 2021 report on Internet use in France, 6 out of 10 French people log on every day to social networks and online messaging applications, which account for 1/3 of the time spent on the Internet, or 45 minutes a day. The 15-24 age group remain the most active, with 55% of surfing time devoted to social networking, or 2 hours 07 minutes a day. Of note is the increase in the number of people aged 50 and over using social networks, who devote 17% of their time to this activity, reaching 31 minutes a day. And according to the Digital 2022 Global Overview report, in January 2022 there were around 4.7 billion active users (more than half the world's population), including 52.60 million users in France.

It's worth noting the growth in consumption of these networks: 54% of followers use them to search for products (source: Global WebIndex 2019), with a strong impact: 54% rely on recommendations from influencers to buy, and according to Forbes, 71% of customers who have had a positive experience with a brand on the networks would recommend it to their friends and family.

The business benefits of social networks are therefore increasingly tangible, and brands are investing more and more to ensure a strong presence. Recruiting experts capable of leading these strategic projects is a crucial issue for brands.

After a significant wave of professionalisation in social media skills a few years ago, the market has stabilised but remains very tight, particularly for the most senior profiles capable of building a global vision.

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